Abbott Vascular  Murrieta Clean Room (Murrieta, CA)

This project consisted of 120,000 square feet of clean room and non-clean room manufacturing space for Abbott Vascular’s medical devices. Because it needed to be designed and constructed in little time, the project schedule was extremely accelerated. The design was completed in 4 months and the construction in 5. Both were on-time and under budget.

Abbott Vascular Building A (Temecula, CA)

This project consisted of the renovation of 3 manufacturing clean rooms ranging from 8,000-18,000 square feet. These clean rooms were redesigned in order to accommodate new manufacturing tenants while providing flexibility for future reconfiguration of production lines. The design and construction of these clean rooms were done in sequence to allow for a smooth and efficient move-in by the new tenants. All phases were completed on time and under budget.

Abbott Temecula Building E (Temecula, CA)

This project involved the design of a new 7,000 square foot class 10,000 clean room. Power receptacles were provided in utility panels throughout the clean room to accommodate the requirements of the tenant’s manufacturing process and to allow for the reconfiguration of production lines in the future.

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