The Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center Infrastructure Master Plan project was to replace the entire electrical and mechanical systems at this facility with new equipment. This is a multiyear program that is expected to last until 2024. Most of the major electrical infrastructure projects were completed in second quarter of 2019. Majority of the equipment in this facility have reached or past its life expectancy as these equipment were installed when the building was constructed in 1986. For this submission, we are focused on the electrical part of the IMP project.

The electrical infrastructure master plan scope of work consists of the following:

• Rebuild the existing 5kv main service switchgear MSA and MSB
• Replace (4) four existing 650kw generators with new (3) 1,500kw generators and the associated paralleling gear.
• Replace/Rebuild inplace (6) six existing unit substations.
• Replace (15) of (21) automatic transfer switches with new.